Paul Redetzky

I'm a student from Bayreuth, Germany. I am studying media studies at Bayreuth University and have my interests in music, games, programming, webdesign and writing.

Interests and Skills


Music has always been a great hobby and passion for me. I had piano lessons as a school subject from 5th to 10th grade, tought myself how to play the Guitar, the electric Bass, some Percussion instruments as well as the flugelhorn. Since I visited a high school specializing in arts and took my A-levels in music I have deep knowledge about music theory. I have been using this knowledge to compose and have been writing my own songs and songtexts since around 2010.
In late 2013 I started getting into chiptunes. If you want to hear some of my work, you can check out my soundcloud page. All tracks are original unless stated otherwise.


I've always loved games. For as long as I can remember I've been playing both board and video games. Especially games with great depth have always interested me. I took chess lessons in 3rd and 4th grade and always continued to play games that require strategic decision making, alot of social interaction and tons of creativity.
Since I've always been a very creative person I started designing games almost as soon as I started playing them. I used to think about how I can change mechanics of board games. Designing games was the reason I tought myself programming from 7th grade on.

Webdesign & Programming

Creating things is my passion. However, since my fine-motor skills are handicapped I was never able to paint or craft physical things. Like writing and composing programming and webdesign help me express my creativity while not having to rely on my fine motor skills.
I've been teaching myself an array of programming languages since 7th grade. Recently I've also learnt how to use some tools for webdesign.
My goto languages are: C# and Java Script for programming as well as (obviously) HTML5 and CSS3 for webdesign. However, my biggest strength lies in reading and writing code in general. Since I've been using computer code for such a long time I am confident in my ability to quickly adapt and understand new languages. I have also already worked with C++, Action Script, HTML4, XML, PHP and Java.

Reading & Writing

There was a time where I didn't have access to the magical world of the internet. And playing handball and making music didn't fill my evenings. At this time I got into reading. I read alot of fantasy literature and eventually started writing my own stories. I created the world "Ghovannion" with a friend and am currently revisiting this world to make a PC game in it. With time (and gaining access to the internet) my interest shifted from novels to forums. Today I read articles and write some myself.
You can check out my page on my universities media-blog "Dispositiv".

Other Skills


I grew up bilingually. German is my native language but I can understand and speak english at a native level aswell.


I have been making Films for about as long as I have been making games. I regularly work on all steps of production with Level UB.

Guided Tours

I'm a tourguide in my hometown of Bayreuth. I've been working for the BMTG since 2012.