Eosis - Raiders of Dawn

Eosis - Raiders of Dawn is a augmented-reality adventure RPG which focuses on the gamification of exploring culture and history. I was hired as an intern and developed a prototype together with another intern. Our job was programming and gamedesign.
Recently, we got hired as lead game designers to continue work on the project.

Cards of Void

Cards of Void is a Rouguelike CCG which focuses on a card-based combat system and randomly generated dungeons. I joined the project voluntarily and made the sounds as well as the music. I also was responsible for some design decisions.

Gamejam Games

One Direction

A simple puzzle-game I made for Ludum Dare #28 by myself.

Paper Apes

A atmospheric puzzle-plattformer I made with some fellow students for the GlobalGameJam in January 2014.

Sword Em UP

A shoot-em-up where you use a sword instead of a gun. I made it with some fellow students for a local gamejam at our University.

Composition / Music

You can find me on Soundcloud or listen to a selection of my chiptunes here.

Original Sounds



I work together with Timo Radzik. We accept requests for websites. Here is our work so far.

Website for Ergotherapie Wiebke / Sierck

Website for the german filmlet "Freizeichen"

Website for WiGe Kunst


I write German articles about games and films for my universities media-blog "Dispositiv".